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Jamie M. -
My wife and I are Tallahasseeans and we eat at Kitcho frequently. Sometimes once during the week, and then again on the weekends. This restaurant really has service, food quality and atmosphere all figured out. Diners would pay much, much more for this food in any major city and get less in return.

Michael L. -
"The ambience is quiet, dark, relaxing, yet not overly intimate. We chose to sit at a table rather than cozy up to the sushi bar, and our European waitress hurried an ice-cold Kirin ichiban and glasses over to get us in the mood. We have found that the ultimate test of a Japanese restaurant in America is oftentimes the simplest dish to prepare: the miso soup. Luckily, they passed the test- it was perfect."

J. Sowell -
"Their Sushi for Two special was an incredible value. We started with soup, gyoza and a cucumber appetizer. There were 14 pieces of nigiri and two rolls, including favorites like tuna, yellowtail, squid and eel. We were stuffed by the time the red bean ice cream came. We've never had such a large sushi meal for so little money, let alone one that was so good."

Todd -
Lots of Asian restaurants advertise Sushi among their menu offerings. But good Sushi restaurants are one in a million (or, without exaggeration, maybe 1 in 100). If you're like me, you'd never eat Sushi somewhere that hadn't been specifically (and enthusiastically) recommended to you. As for Kitcho, let me say this: it's the only place I'd eat Sushi north of Miami and south of Atlanta. Go and see for yourself.

Kitchen Monkey -
"Kitcho strives to be one of the consistently best sushi restaurants. Sure, there are places in Sarasota that have better yellowtail, places in NYC that have a wider variety, and places in DC that have more atmosphere."

Ashby Stiff -
"Fun, tasty and exotic though it is, sushi's not the whole Kitcho show. To dine at Kitcho is to watch the ongoing parade of brilliantly colored foods - hot and cold, artistically arranged on boards or in bowls or deep rimmed trays -that transit the dining room." (read more)